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Master Joe Lok

Master of tai chi and qigong, founder of Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing Tai Chi Qigong, Joe Lok is a Hong Kong native who completed his degree at Hull University in the UK. A heartfelt wish, combined with a passion for martial arts and philosophical wisdom, took him on a great journey.  His adventures brought him throughout China, studying with some of the most accomplished practitioners.  His studies led to profound understanding.  Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessings is the beautiful, humble expression of the deep understanding gained on that journey.
The early days of that journey, back in the 1990's, were spent learning standard taiji forms and martial arts with various teachers, whilst his spare time was spent listening to the profound philosophical theories of the monks at his local Taoist and Buddhist temples. He had a thirst to combine the principles with the practice at a deeper level; however, the higher level internal martial arts were elusive.  His persistent search led him to study with Zhu Bao Lin, the eldest son of the Chen Taijiquan Master Zhu Tian Cai.  Master Lok then undertook a period of intensive study with Master Liao Quo Quan, one of the highest graded Masters in China, with whom he trained in Fu style Ba Gua.
In 2004, Master Lok’s journey brought him to his Sifu, Taoist Feng Wei Xin, an 18th generation inheritor of the Quan Zhen Long Men (Dragon Gate) Taoist tradition.  Taoist Feng, Head of the Lu Zu Taoist Temple in Beijing, is a man of deep knowledge and wisdom in the Taoist arts. In time, Master Lok was accepted as a student of Taoist Feng and was given his Taoist name, Ming Qing (bright and clear). 

In 2006, Master Lok also had the great fortune to be accepted as a student of the highly renowned Wudang Master, Wang Ping. Master Wang is a 26th generation inheritor of the Wudang Sanfeng tradition, and one of the most highly regarded Masters in all of China. Master Lok has studied Wudang martial arts and qigong closely with Master Wang Ping for the last ten years.

Applying his knowledge of these formidable systems of martial, health & self-cultivation practices, Master Lok blended a unique synthesis of principles and wisdoms into his own practice. Together with his firmly held belief that these holistic arts can be of great benefit to everyone in terms of increasing health and wellbeing, he was inspired to create the Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing Qigong system. This system provides a set of exercises that can be practised by all, irrespective of age or ability, and contain the deepest wisdoms and principles of Taoist health practice within them. The system neither dilutes nor over simplifies, yet remains simple and accessible, thus allowing the practitioner the opportunity to discover the great treasures of Qigong and Taiji practice.


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Master Lok teaches internal martial arts and qigong for holistic health in Hong Kong. He continues to study privately with Taoist Feng in the disciplines of Neidan (Taoist internal cultivation/alchemy) and Taoist health practices.


Master Lok has travelled throughout Europe, Australia and the USA teaching the Phoenix in Graceful Clouds qigong system.

He has trained several accomplished Tai Chi instructors in these countries who have gone on to become his students, each now teaching the Phoenix system to their own students, improving the health and wellbeing of many. The continued development of the Phoenix system is overseen by Master Lok through annual seminars, workshops, private one to one and online training.
In 2014, Master Lok published a book which contains inner thoughts on the Phoenix system. Master Lok has most recently been hard at work filming and editing a new DVD, soon to be released, which will assist practitioners in mastering the system.    

Internal Alchemy school runs annual workshops with Master Lok. There is also opportunities to go to Hong Kong to train at Master Lok`s Natural Energy Academy. 

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