Online Courses

Start your journey with our private one-to-one online courses, regardless of where you live in the world. Personalised instruction makes learning at home easy and enjoyable.

Competitively priced self paced study courses using WhatsApp. Whether you`re a complete beginner or an advance practitioner. Your training can be tailored to suit your ability or skill. 

* Suitable for all levels
* Develop health, energy and grounding
* Find tranquillity in a stressful world
* Additional instructional videos, and training guides are also available, exclusively to our online students.


Some of the private one-to-one online courses we offer:

* Professor Cheng Man-Ching`s 37 step tai chi posture hand form
* Various qigong systems:
    Shibashi tai chi qigong
    Five animal qigong
    Chen style qigong
    Yang style qigong
    Neigong exercises

* Tai Chi weapon forms:
    54 step Yang style straight sword
    Sanfeng tai chi straight sword
    Sanfeng tai chi fan form
    Sanfeng tai chi pole
    Tai Chi walking stick

* Tai Chi form corrections

Plus much more........

For more information on our private one-to-one courses, please contact us through the contacts page.

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